How To Write Better University Essays Properly

How to write university essays properlyThe term essay refers to written documents which analyse, interpret and discuss a topic in an organized and a logical manner. The analysis required and the level of research done varies from discipline to discipline.

Always make sure that you use references. References show that you have researched you work fully and cite where those references come from. If you do not make references, you are basically taking credit for other people’s work. It is best to use the Harvard system of referencing because it is the most widely accepted and common, unless, of course, stated otherwise by your programme tutor.

Here are a few tips that will be helpful in writing essays properly:

Structure the essay properly

Introduction: It should begin with an introduction which will provide an overview of the subject, identify the problems and issues and take the reader step by step in understanding the core issue of the subject and explain the relevance of the topics discussed under the subject.

Body: In the body of the essay you provide information that supports the introduction and should consistently follow through out the paper. The body consists of paragraph(s) with topics related to the support of the cause or subject. This part also explains the point you have taken and provides various contents supporting the focal point.

Conclusion: the conclusion as the name suggests Is the end part of the essay it is general in nature. It includes a restatement of the focal point and summarizes the points in support of the basic point and then gives a valid reasoning for the reader’s acceptance of the focal point.

To write proper essays the writer should clarify any doubts with regard to the topic in order to avoid any kind of confusion and wastage of time in re doing the job The flow of the essay should be continuous and must be like a process from start to the end of the final conclusion Try and get feedback from tutor Proof reading of the draft written is important to check for errors before final submission The tone of the essay should be appropriate according to the assignment and the reader should be kept in mind also.

It may be formal, informal or semi formal depending on the circumstances Active voice should be used rather than passive voice unless it is absolutely necessary Don’t use synonyms frequently Combine sentences to improve the flow Use verbs effectively Use punctuations with due care

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