How To Work From Home As A Freelance Writer

How to work from home as a freelance writerWorking as a freelance copywriter is one of the best homework jobs around and a great way to make money online from home.

Copywriting is essentially a form of persuasive writing that captures the attention of readers. This could be either marketing or simply information designed to lead to action on the part of the reader.

The demand for copywriters is very high. People have existing websites or start new sites – information sites or e-commerce sites – and require great copies. Information sites require this in order to “sell” a product or service to a customer. Commerce sites require great copies because they are in effect making a sales pitch to the users who come on their site.

It is not just people or organisations with websites – though they are the majority – that require copywriting, it could be projects of various of various nature, for example, it could be an employee requiring help with a project with a fast approaching deadline.

The internet has allowed people with great writing skills to flourish and make a living. Where once, these same people might have found difficult to earn money because of a lack of work, this is no longer the case.

There are some real advantages of working as a freelance writer: You get choose the hours you work. Copywriting is a flexible way to earn money online. You can treat it as a full time job or part-time if you have other commitments or are a housewife who has to bring up a young family. Potentially, it is very lucrative; some experienced copywriters earn thousands of dollars a week. You can improve your writing as you go along Copywriting naturally improves with experience, so the more you write the better you will get at it and the more you can command for your work Use sites like RentACoder, Elance, Project4hire

Finding work for a copywriter is in fact the easy part, while it may be extremely difficult to find copywriting work offline, there are major sites that bring together buyers and sellers. These site allow people to submit work of any nature, as long as it is all legal.

There are several well-known sites that cater to coder (meaning anyone that providing a service ranging from writing to web designing and lot more in between.

The process of finding buyers for your copywriting essentially requires on your part to bid on projects that people have submitted to one of these sites. The buyer will post his requirements together with the amount he/she is willing to pay for the project and the deadline by which the work must be finished once the winning coder has been chosen.

There are literally thousands of projects submitted to these sites daily so there should be no problem finding work.

Tip : If you are new to this and have never had done copywriting for anyone before, you should bid low on projects to start with, so you are more likely to be chosen. Once you have several projects under your belt, so to speak, you can move on to projects with greater value. Of course, if you do really well, you will find you start receiving lot of private work whereby buyers bypass the bidding procedure and offer you wok directly through these sites.

Becoming a member on popular webmaster forums will allow you to offer your services in the content writing section of a forum. There are lots of people there that are require people to write content for them either because writing is not their strong point or simply do not have enough time on their hands.

Choose a very popular forum that has constant visitors. You can build a better working relationship with people when finding buyers for your work through a forum than through a coder site because of the likelihood of greater contact via email, instant messenger, etc. One big disadvantage is that, unless you have a great portfolio, you may not be able to charge much initially for your work. Unlike sites like Elance, who act as intermediaries and sort out any problems between you and the buyer for your work when they arise, you will have to deal with the buyer without such intervention when seeking work through a forum. A lot depend son your ability to build trust. There is a slight risk that the buyer may withhold payment after you send the completed project. Although this is unlikely, it does happen in rare instances. One problem with webmaster forums is that if you are a first class writer, it can be difficult charge the rates you believe your work should command. A lot of people on webmaster forums seeking copywriters are new to web mastering and therefore often seeking cheaper solutions. However, there will also be some there that value highly professional written work and are keen on having great content on their sites and are willing to pay the price for it.

Initially, it may be difficult to charge too much for your work, unless you have an extensive portfolio to back up your ability. A copywriter can charge anything from $5 to upwards of $50 for 500 words depending on experience and the quality of writing. If you use sites like RentACoder, payment will be made through an escrow service. A buyer is required to send money to an escrow just before a seller (coder) begins work and then once the buyer is satisfied the work is fully complete, they will release payment and transfer to the escrow holding all your payments. From here, you can either hold the money or transfer it to a bank account of your choice.

As for getting paid for work set up through webmaster forums, you will have to make appropriate arrangements with the buyer. In most cases, people on webmaster forums prefer to use Paypal because of the convenience involved.

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