How To Understand The Sphynx Breed Of Cat

catHow to understand the Sphynx breed of catYour Cat and Origin

Sphynx cats are a rare type of cat mutation breed which excessive large ears and hairless body make them look grotesque to the eyes of some pet lovers, in fact these cats are often described as the ugliest creatures alive, and there are people who swear they are the result of crossing a cat with snakes, monkeys, rats, dogs and even using parts of children to produce it!

Sphynx are also known by other names such as the Wrinkled Cat, Chat sans Poils, Canadian Hairless Cat, Birthday Suit Cat, and the Moon Cat.

Height and Weight

This is a medium-sized breed of cats with muscular bodies and proportional features that weigh on average 6 to 11 pounds.

Colors and Coat

The main feature of this cat is its hairless body so technically speaking it has not coat but a wrinkled skin with different pigmentation in one or several colors and, in some cases a very fine, short hair.

Temperament and Living Environment

Opposite to their ugliness, Sphynx cats have a very pleasant temperament, but they are also inquisitive and want to be the center of everyone’s attention, although with such appearance, it is not hard getting people looking at them. They adapt well not any living environment, although they are vulnerable to climate changes and it is better keeping them indoors.

Grooming These cats do not need grooming but skin care and occasional bathing.

Diet and Care

Sphynx cats need more food than a regular cat because their body transforms it into energy to keep them warm. They are not very active but they do not usually need exercising either.

Health issues and Life expectancy

Sphynx cats live about 10 to 15 years and the only health concerns to watch over are climate changes and skin cancer.

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