How To Understand The Siamese Breed Of Cat

How to understand the Siamese breed of catYour Cat and Origin
Siamese are a natural breed of cats despite their exotic appearance. They come from Siam, hence their name. However, their origins are ignored, but already cited in old documents that place them in Siam (Thailand) around the 16th century.

Height and Weight

Siamese are a large breed of cats which males weight about 9 to 14 pounds, while females weight 6 to 10 pounds.

Colors and Coat

Although very rarely, there are pure Siamese cats with absolutely white coat, but most of them have deep blue eyes, slender bodies, and a glossy, fine coat that is short with different color combination and patterns, including chocolate, lilac pint, seal point and blue point.

Temperament and Living Environment

Siamese cats are very affectionate and with a well-defined and distinctive personality demanding attention and pampering. These cats are hypersensitive and loyal to their owner, from whom they attach, becoming jealous of other persons trying to “steal” the attention of their owners, and disliking any other pet at home.


Siamese cats require very little grooming and a weekly quick brushing is enough to keep their glossy look.

Diet and Care

This breed of cats does not require special diet or care, but they need space outdoors to play, unless you want to let your cat run indoors making sure your furniture and decorative motifs are safe because they are as curious as little children. Incidentally, Siamese are similar to dogs when it comes to undergo training and they can learn a few tricks.

Health issues and Life expectancy

Life of Siamese cats span over 15 years and they are usually healthy. At birth, they can come with crossed eyes or kinked tail, but breeder has been working hard to resolve these problems that do not cause major harm to the pet.

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