How to Understand The Ragdoll Breed Of Cat

How to understand the Ragdoll breed of catYour Cat and Origin
The Ragdoll is a medium-sized breed of cats originated in America, with sturdy bodies and color patterns that resemble those of the Siamese cats. However, they come from simple street cats created by a Californian Persian cat breeder in the 1960s.

Height and Weight
The Ragdoll is a medium to large sized breed with males that weigh 15 to 20 pounds and female 10 to 15 pounds. Both of them have a fatty pad under their abdomen, but despite their weight, they cannot be considered obese because it is proportionate within their body frame.

Colors and Coat
The Ragdoll has a silky, soft coat that is similar to the coat of rabbit in look and touch besides blue or green eyes. There are different varieties of Ragdoll cats including flame, sepia, lavender, mink, seal, and blue colors, although they produce additional varieties after their characteristic patterns with ears, nose, paws and teals in combined colors, mitted, or bicolor characteristics.

Temperament and Living Environment
Ragdolls have an affectionate, gentle and placid temperament that make easier get them socializing with people and other pets. They like companion and it is not strange see the can following its owner through the house. They must be kept indoors unless you can attend them in the outside, where they use to be quite playful.

Despite its shinny, fluffy coat, Ragdolls require little brushing grooming, although then may need bathing occasionally.

Diet and Care
These cats require a nutritious diet to keep their healthy and silky appearance. They need eventual nail clipping but despite its elegant look, they do not need special care.

Health issues and Life expectancy
The Ragdoll is a very healthy breed of cats which life expectancy spans from 15 to 25 years.

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