How to Understand The Oriental Breed Of Cat

How to understand the Oriental breed of catYour Cat and Origin
The Oriental is a hybrid cat’s breed also known as Oriental Shorthair. Similar to the Siamese cat, the Oriental is often referred as Foreign Cat after it was brought to the Western world where breeders crossed it with Siamese’s and Shorthairs to obtain a breed of solid colors, but keeping the appearance of the first.

Height and Weight

Oriental cats have slender bodies with glossy coats, which size is similar to the height of Siamese cats, but weighing about 9 to 14 pounds.

Colors and Coat

The coat of Oriental cats is fine and very short, similar to that of the Siamese cat, but they are differentiated by their color. Orientals have blue eyes and a coat without a pointed patterns but solid colors such as smoke, ebony tortie, tabby, blue, and fawn silver, although there is a variety of Oriental cat that is known as Oriental Spotted Tabby after an attempt to obtain a domestic cat with characteristics of Egyptian Cats.

Temperament and Living Environment

These cats are playful and graceful, enjoying a delicate temperament that gives love and companion waiting to receive love and companion as well. Because they like to stay near their owner, the best living environment of these cats is indoors, but they do not socialize with children or other pets.


Orientals only need weekly brushing to keep their coat silky.

Diet and Care

Orientals need a fat-low diet and because they are energetic and very active there is not need of exercising. They feel comfortable using leashes and collars so with a little training they can be taken for a walk like you do with dogs.

Health issues and Life expectancy

Oriental cats live on average 12 to 15 years and there is not health issue recorded for this breed

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